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Chiropractic care during pregnancy is important in helping a woman's body adapt to the changes happening in her body.  Using Webster technique, it ensures that the woman's pelvis stays balanced and aligned.  This helps the baby she is carrying have the most room possible to develop and grow, as well as allowing mom to have a more comfortable an enjoyable pregnancy.


Life for babies starts out hard!  They are cooped up in a small area in awkward positions for 9 months and then are supposed to adapt to a world outside the womb.  Chiropractic care ensures that their nervous system can handle these stresses.  When the body can't adapt as well, symptoms such as colic and digestive issues may show up.  As babies grow, more symptoms can show up if the nervous system isn't functioning as well as it needs to.


We believe that every body deserves to have their spine and nervous system checked.  We KNOW that our bodies have the power to heal and repair provided it is given the proper environment.  Being adjusted regularly allows the nervous system to send and receive messages from the rest of the body, keeping it in tip-top shape and running at full capacity.


At Pure Family Chiropractic we use CLA's INSiGHT technology.  It is state of the art technology that allows us to dive a little deeper and assess how the nervous system is functioning.  The nervous system controls all the functions of the body from movement, to sleep, to regulating hormones and every other thing the body does, so it is important to evaluate it thoroughly.  This technology will help us evaluate your progress through your personalized care plan and know when your body is ready to graduate to wellness care.

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